Divi can take your office to new heights for less

February 8th, 2016

From open plan to private workspaces, Divi can bring your vision to life. Offering panels in permanent monolithic, segmented, glass and stack configurations, virtually any aesthetic can be achieved. Its universal hinge connection system makes it one of the simplest and fastest systems to install.

Creatively designed for reuse and SCS Indoor Advantage GoldTM certified, Divi is a win from every aspect. Divi can be taken to the next level when coupled with Calibrate components and accessories. Calibrate’s robust line of workstation add-ons enhance any environment, providing a modern and collaborative touch.

Panel Specifications

Factory configured as either a monolithic or segmented panel, depending on your aesthetic needs. Slim 2″ panel thickness for maximum space savings. Segmented panel system provides the look of a tiled system for a fraction of the cost. Panels ship fully assembled for quick field installation. Metal side rails and topcap allow for increased paint finish options. Divi panels accept one 16″ non-load bearing stack kit. Can be retrofitted to increase panel height. Stacks offered in fabric or glass. Insert Panels are field replaceable. Available in fabric acoustical, whiteboard and glass.


Flexible polypropylene hinge makes installation and reconfiguration quick and easy.

Configurations can be achieved in 60 / 120 degree as well as 45 / 135 degree.


High capacity 6″ base raceway. Quad access raceway available for greater electrical / data

capacity. Optional metal septum separates electrical and data.


Rolling and up-mounted frameless privacy screens available. Up-mount and radius flipper door units can be used. Add Calibrate components for extra storage Monitor arms, keyboard platforms & task lighting available.